Avalanche (Courage)

The mission of empowering youth to achieve their potential through experiential learning programs and community projects.

Avalanche (Courage)

A youth retreat that aims to inspire students to use courage to do the right thing and make responsible decisions despite their fears. The retreat will take place at Whitetail Ski Resort, a four-season resort located on Two Top Mountain in Pennsylvania. The retreat will include a mix of activities such as skiing, snow tubing, community-building games, and presentations by dynamic facilitators. The retreat will also provide opportunities for students to deepen their relationships with their peers, share their personal stories, and commit to making their school a better place. Avalanche (Courage) is a fun and meaningful experience for students who want to grow as leaders and make a positive difference in the world.

Why Choose Our Retreat?

Give your child the gift of a day filled with exploration, growth, and inspiration. Join us in Whitetail Ski Resort for a unique Outdoor Leadership Development Retreat that sets the stage for a brighter future!

Key Highlights


Ayman Nassar, M.Sc, PMP, ACP

Founder of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA), and Youth Crisis Line, with over 30+ years of experience youth and leadership development and business transformation and project portfolio management. He holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a second Masters degree in Engineering Management & Systems Engineer and several leadership & management certificates. As director of EmpoweReer program he oversees the academic portion and learning experience of the participants.

Shane Ford, Youth Program Coordinator

Youth project manager and present college student majoring in computer science, He is a vibrant young adult with a proven track record of organizing fruitful monthly food drives and a wealth of leadership skills. He demonstrates a commitment to having a good influence both inside and outside of the workplace by juggling his academic obligations with a track record of planning and executing community activities.

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